How Cord Blood Banking Works

blood bankingAs with other blood products, umbilical cord blood banking requires special attention and procedures to ensure its safety and viability for possible future use. The science of cryogenics (freezing something in nitrogen under controlled conditions) has truly transformed regenerative medicine by enabling long-term storage of blood products in anticipation of need, as opposed to, waiting until there is a medical emergency at hand.

It’s important when selecting a cord blood storage facility to be assured that the facility you choose, whether private or public, is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) as well as lawfully registered with the FDA. You also need to be sure, if dealing with a private facility, that the facility is financially sound. A bankruptcy by a private company could put your cord blood in jeopardy.

Looking now at the actual process, you need to start by making arrangements before delivery, for the umbilical cord blood to be collected. If using a public cord blood bank, you should understand that the cord blood storage process is more stringent. It is estimated that as many a 50% of all donations are ultimately rejected for long-term storage. This can be either due to an insufficient amount of blood being collected (cord blood unit must be at least 75 mL), or due to the presence of a contamination.

Next, the mother must undergo a pre-screening for communicable diseases and disorders. In some cases, the baby might be tested as well. If approved, the next steps will occur within 15 minutes of the baby being born. The process: 1) the umbilical cord is clamped, 2) the blood is drawn out into the sterile storage bag (now referred to as a ‘cord blood unit’), 3) it is moved to the storage center for further processing, 4) It is tested for contamination and measured to be sure there is enough blood-forming cells for a transplant, 5) The cord blood unit is tissue typed for genetic matching down the road, 6) Finally it is cryogenically frozen for indefinite storage.

This process is largely the same whether using a private or public cord blood bank. With a private cord blood bank; however, the cord blood unit is pre-labeled with a special identification number assigned to the child, as well as other required information for the exclusive use of the child or their family. Unlike with a public registry, the identifying information remains with the unit throughout storage. This ensures easy retrieval when needed by the child or family member. When using a public cord blood bank all identifying markings are erased from the cord blood unit ensuring complete anonymity.

Once the blood has arrived at the cord blood storage facility it is tested and matched for HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen, the marker that identifies the donation’s unique genetic characteristics that enable it to be matched with a recipient). It is also checked for contamination and sufficient blood cells to use in a transplant. If it does not pass either of these tests the cord blood unit will either be used in research or discarded.

Assuming all the tests go well, a cryopreservative is then added to the blood to help the cells survive the cryogenic freezing process. The blood is then cooled slowly to -97 degrees Celsius, which is necessary to maintain cell life. It is then placed in a liquid nitrogen tank which drops the temperature of the cord blood unit to a consistent -196 degrees Celsius. Some cryogenic preservation methods also use a substance called DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) to slow and control the cooling rate as well as to help with the thawing process.

Current research estimates that 1 out of 3 Americans today may need to use the regenerative medicine at some point in their lives. Thanks to the miracle of cryogenics we now have a way to offer the benefits of cord blood storage for the future.

Principles of Success – How to Gain Unlimited Potential

Ray Dalio and His Success Principles

Ray Dalio is, and all life been, the curious and ambiguous guy who never left the stone unturned when trying to figure out or make sense of something. His strong personal drive to learn how the reality works in every part of a life, every day, formed and made him who he is today.

He made his first fortune in early 70’s when the stock market was hot, but also his first big downfall, which helped him to realize that the mistakes are inevitable in order to learn and grow. Since then he made many more big mistakes in the market, pointing to the biggest mistake in his life in 1982 when Ray’s predictions were totally wrong and he lost everything. It was another painful moment that allowed him to reflect back on it and learn.

Since 1982 Ray Dalio build the biggest and most successful hedge fund company, and there wasn’t a year with a loss in profit, even in 2008 the big crash, he and the Bridgewater company were the only ones without a loss. These mistakes and situations of being wrong from time to time gave Ray the strong motivation and allowed him to grow and move forward.

Principles Books

Since 2008 he got a lot of attention because of his unique way of operating the business and playing the markets, so Ray decided to write 2 books that will compile all his knowledge by constant learning throughout his life, and developing the foundational principles of life and business.

1st book is called Principles: Life and Work and The 2nd book is called Principles: Economic and Investment.

The Motivation Manifesto – Manifesting Your Abundance

Manifesting Happy Life

The Motivation Manifesto is the book to learn all about manifesting abundance in your life. You’ll learn the secret strategy and information about creating the life of your dreams. The Abundance and Happiness are nothing else but living a life through a positive thinking. When we think positively for some while, we start attracting and manifesting those positive things into our life. It’s just so hard to stay on track and focused with all the distractions of modern world around us, but on the other hand, we learned over the years to absorb the information much faster and efficient.

Sometimes we just need a kick or push to remind whats really important. A lot of money or happy life? And what about both? Read The Motivation Manifesto Review, the #1 bestselling book by Brendon Burchard.

The Motivation Manifesto

Manifesting Your Live Using Visualization

One of the best ways you’ll find to manifest abundance in your life is to do visualization. To do this you can get some magazine clippings of pictures of people, places, and things that appeal to you and you desire to see more of in your life. Arrange the pictures into a collage and look at it often. When you do visualization you need to really see, feel, hear, taste and even smell all the scenes you want to create from those pictures in your mind.

An even better way to do visualization for manifesting abundance in your life is to make a mind movie. A mind movie is like an audio visual version of your collage. There is a great software program that can help you make these movies quickly and easily. It produces a very individual and professional video that you can watch twice a day or more if you want.

This intense visualization tool helps you manifest abundance and anything else you want in your life very quickly.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and see how quickly you are manifesting abundance in your life.

Benefits of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Advantages and Disadvantages

wireless technologyThere are a lot of reasons you might want to add a bit of juice to your audio setup when watching TV or movies at home, or even just when you are listening to some tunes. The quality sound experience offered by a good pair of headphones or speakers can make all the difference to your listening pleasure. However, for those with a smaller space at home it can get annoying having to trail cables across the room – and if you are using headphones, in particular, it can be difficult to lay back and relax without pulling out the headphone cord.

There is a single solution to all these issues – wireless transmission! Wireless speakers and headphones alike work by transmitting the signal from your audio output to a receiver in the speaker or headphone. There are a couple of different technologies in use, with infrared or radio transmission both being decent options. Of the two, however, radio transmission, which includes technologies like Bluetooth, is the better option as it doesn’t rely on line of sight to work. Radio transmission delivers a clear signal, and although it is not quite as high fidelity as full CD audio, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Although lots of people are aware of the fact that these wireless products are available, less are aware that you can use a wireless kit to convert your existing headphones or speakers to wireless. This might be a great option if you have already sunk a few hundred dollars into a pair of high-quality headphones, that just need a little more reach. Wireless kits come in two parts – a small transmitter that connects to your TV, and a receiving station with connections to let you plug whichever audio output you are using. An example of this type of system is the Bose SL2 wireless surround link. This device can power speakers up to 200W, using a self-contained amplifier in the receiving unit. This kit operates on a much higher frequency than some other wireless solutions, which helps to avoid some of the problems with interference from other household electrics that can plague cheaper speakers.

Whether you spring for a whole new wireless system, or just choose a kit to add a big convenience factor to your existing audio gear, wireless audio transmission will make a huge difference to your life – watching TV in bed takes on a whole new dimension, and you can even make a run to the fridge without missing the action! | wireless headphones reviews

As mentioned, in these days the wireless technology is going so fast that the quality of sound and transmission is almost identical with wired technology, if you purchase the branded product. So there are really not any disadvantages, some might vary from a product to product.

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Top 5 Common Mistakes Perfect Social Media Users Doing

Social media is a platform where you can interact with people from various parts of the world. It’s an interactive place where you get to create communities, share contents which are generated by users and many other things. Social Medias are usually free for everyone to access. It connects friends, family, and acquaintances and helps you to keep in touch with everyone in a much cheaper way. This way of sharing, chatting, talking is cost effective and addictive. Various forms of social media can be found. A social media can be an internet forum, a blog, podcast or social networks. The main purpose of these Medias is same.

Effect of Social Media

The revolutionary advancement of the importance of social media in our life has affected our lives in more than one ways. Social Medias are addictive, fun and even a good place to earn. This has made it significant in our lives. Due to the availability of social media we prefer to post a message or information on a social media rather than sending it to individuals. Due to the social media, we also have started to earn by promoting our trade online. Again due to the social media we have started sharing every insignificant part of our lives publicly.

5 Common Mistakes

Due to the excessive usage of social media, most people have started making blunders online. They are

· Excessive posting online- posting facts and stuff is good but up to a certain limit. It is not good to share everything from the beginning of the day till the end. It not only makes you boring but also monotonous.

· Not replying to comments- only posting does not work. You need to interact with the people who comment also. When you post people expect you to reply in return to their comments.

· Argue online- the worst it can get is when you start arguing online. Arguing itself is bad and doing it online makes it worse. Always try to maintain a calm environment online.

· Ignoring fans- if you have a number of followers or are in a community, you are responsible for replying to your fans. Also, slow responses are not acceptable. Make sure to keep your fans happy as they are the ones who make your community popular.

· Deleting comments- deleting a person’s comment other than you is a crime on social Medias. If you do not like a comment mention it so subtly. Do not in any circumstance delete it. Even if the comment is negative, counter it by commenting something positive.


Using a social media also requires etiquettes and manners. People without these are sure to make mistakes online which are not forgiven. You cannot erase the mistakes you have done. Also online you are not actually speaking but typing. Words written may seem different than spoken. Make sure to use the right words and at right situation. Mistakes occur but try to overcome it rather than hiding from it.