Principles of Success – How to Gain Unlimited Potential

Ray Dalio and His Success Principles

Ray Dalio is, and all life been, the curious and ambiguous guy who never left the stone unturned when trying to figure out or make sense of something. His strong personal drive to learn how the reality works in every part of a life, every day, formed and made him who he is today.

He made his first fortune in early 70’s when the stock market was hot, but also his first big downfall, which helped him to realize that the mistakes are inevitable in order to learn and grow. Since then he made many more big mistakes in the market, pointing to the biggest mistake in his life in 1982 when Ray’s predictions were totally wrong and he lost everything. It was another painful moment that allowed him to reflect back on it and learn.

Since 1982 Ray Dalio build the biggest and most successful¬†hedge fund company, and there wasn’t a year with a loss in profit, even in 2008 the big crash, he and the Bridgewater company were the only ones without a loss. These mistakes and situations of being wrong from time to time gave¬†Ray the strong motivation and allowed him to grow and move forward.

Principles Books

Since 2008 he got a lot of attention because of his unique way of operating the business and playing the markets, so Ray decided to write 2 books that will compile all his knowledge by constant learning throughout his life, and developing the foundational principles of life and business.

1st book is called Principles: Life and Work and The 2nd book is called Principles: Economic and Investment.